Animal Control

White PuppyDomestic Animals

Please be aware of the Town ByLaws (PDF) (604.1-604.9) in regard to domestic animals.

Licensing Requirements

  • All dogs six months or older
  • Any dog that has been in your possession as an owner or keeper for a period of 30 days or longer must be licensed with the Town of Wilbraham.

 Vaccinations for All Dogs, Cats or Ferrets

  • Six months or older
  • Has been in your possession as an owner or keeper for a period of 30 days or longer must have a current rabies vaccination.

Wild Animal Awareness


Bears should not be approached for any reason; if a bear is seen, do not attempt to interact with it. If you are outdoors get inside immediately and stay inside. To reduce chances of bears coming near your home, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not keep bird feeders
  • Keep your gas grill in the garage
  • Do not feed your pets outdoors
  • Keep all trash in the garage
  • Eliminate the food sources for bears in your yard and they will not have any reason to come near your home.
  • If a bear is on your property and has not moved on from your yard, call the Animal Control Officer, the Police Department, the Environmental State Police at (800) 632-8075 or the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife at (413) 323-7632

Raccoons, Skunks & Foxes

These are normally nocturnal animals and should not be seen during the day. If one is spotted during daylight hours, be aware of the following actions:

  • Abnormal movement
  • Exhibits no fear of humans
  • Appears to be sleeping in your yard

Please be aware that these actions are symptoms of rabies and that a rabid animal can become extremely aggressive. If an animal is acting strangely, immediately go inside your house with your children and your pets, and contact Animal Control or the Police Department.