Lawrence G. LaBarbera, Chairman
Roger Roberge II, Assessor
John M. Wesolowski, Assessor

Department Overview

The Assessors are required by Massachusetts law to value all real and personal property in the Town of Wilbraham. They may perform this work by utilizing their own staff or a professional appraisal firm. The Assessors Office makes use of computer software as a tool to maintain values and assist with the multitude of calculations required in their work.

Calculations & Valuations

Each year, the Assessors must calculate the current total valuations of all real and personal property in Wilbraham. After the Town Meeting process, the Assessors know the amount needed to effectively manage the Town. The Assessors prepare a "recapitulation sheet" that shows all the different revenue sources available in the upcoming fiscal year. Once the recapitulation sheet is complete, the Department of Revenue reviews all information contained in the report and will certify the tax rate upon approval of the Commissioner of Revenue.

Valuations in Massachusetts are based on "full and fair cash value." Every five years, the Assessors must review all values to determine that they represent full and fair cash value. These values are submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue for certification. This is commonly called a "revaluation" or a "quinquennial certification."

The Assessors also have a responsibility for the motor vehicle excise tax bills originated by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. The Assessors grant abatements and answer any questions regarding excise tax.

Promoting Financial Management

The Assessors have a key role in promoting effective financial management in the Town of Wilbraham. By keeping values at the market standard, the Assessors aid in maximizing the resources available to fund the municipal services expected by Wilbraham residents.