Mission Statement

The Office of the Collector of Taxes is responsible for the timely billing, collection and reconciliation of 95% of the Town of Wilbraham operating revenues. This equates to the issuance of approximately 50,000 bills annually.

Tax Collection

Real estate bills are issued quarterly, on a fiscal year basis, and are due August 1, November 1, February 1, and May 1. Water / Sewer bills are issued semi-annually and are normally billed in May and November. Excise tax bills are billed throughout the year by commitment. The first billing is normally mailed in February and is the largest, when the vast majority of residents receive a bill. The due date is 30 days from date of issue. Please be advised that billing dates are approximate.

The Town offers online payment options for residents to pay their real estate and personal property taxes. The online payment option allows residents to go the Town's website and pay current tax bills from their bank account or with a credit card.
Automatic quarterly payments may be set up to pay real estate taxes. Please refer to this instruction sheet for creating an online bill pay account or to set up automatic real estate payments.

The goal of the Collector's Office is to perform the duties required by the Town in a courteous and efficient manner. Residents are encouraged to call (413) 596-2800, Ext. 206 or stop by if they have any questions or concerns.