Wilbraham Hiking Club

Wilbraham Hiking Club

The Wilbraham Hiking Club was formed in 2012 by Jay Taylor with the idea of allowing recreational hikers of all abilities to join in and experience Wilbraham’s gold mine of exciting trail lore, wildlife, flora and fauna. As interest quickly increased, so did the number of hikes offered and the location of the hikes expanded well beyond Wilbraham's borders. Weekly hikes are held year-round on Wilbraham's own trails as well as a range of trails within an hour's drive of town. Join the fun! Enjoy spectacular scenery, beautiful wildflowers and good company.

Hiking Sign-UpFacts

Both Wilbraham residents and non-residents can participate in and/or lead hikes! Every hiker needs to complete a one-time registration at the Wilbraham Recreation Department website at:


Anyone who has registered with the Recreation Department will be able to join hikes by logging in, selecting a hike from a list of activities on the Recreation Department website, and agreeing to the online waivers for that hike. Hikers must be 18 years old to sign the required waiver online. Hikers under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for all hikes.


To cancel your participation in a hike, please call the Wilbraham Recreation Department at 413-596-2816. Hikes are generally held unless there is moderate / heavy rain or snow or another severe weather condition. If a hike needs to be cancelled, hikers will be notified by 8 AM on the day of the hike.

Things to keep in mind for all hikes

  •  Always bring water and a snack, such as fruit, granola, nuts, or cheese.
  •  Dress in layers and pack an extra pair of wool socks.
  •  Wear waterproof hiking or rubber boots, unless the hike notes that the path is paved.
  •  Bring one or two poles if needed for stability or joint issues.
  •  Microspikes are recommended for icy hikes. Consider snowshoes for deep snow.
  •  Bring insect repellent/mesh headgear during bug season and "NERD UP": always tuck pants into socks to avoid ticks.
  •    With the exception of service dogs on leash, no dogs are allowed on hikes.
  •    Alcohol or firearms are not permitted on hikes.
  •    For reasons related to health and to forest safety, all hikes are smoke-free.

A note about hiking abilities and conduct:

We are a group of like-minded people who enjoy getting together to hike and be outdoors. It's very important that all hikers feel welcome on all of our hikes. That said, a hike leader can refuse to allow a registered hiker to join a hike if that individual is not able to hike at the pace/difficulty level set by the hike leader or lacks the gear needed to enjoy the hike safely.

Additionally, although members often develop friendships (and sometimes relationships) outside of the group, the Wilbraham Hiking Club is not designed to encourage dating or unwanted romantic attention. It's appropriate to contact someone through email or phone information that a hiker has given you, but encroaching beyond a person's comfort level is inappropriate. So please: respect the boundaries of your fellow hikers. People who cross the line after being warned will be excluded from future hikes.