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License to Carry Firearms / Firearms Identification Card Application Process

All first time applicants for a LTC/FID must submit a state approved Basic Firearms Safety Course certificate issued by a Massachusetts Certified Instructor or Hunter Safety Course certificate issued by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Out of State and NRA Certificates do not meet this requirement. Active Members of the Armed Services who receive adequate firearms safety training are exempt from this requirement, if they can provide valid I.D. and DD Form 2586. As of August 2014, it is no longer necessary for persons 18 and older to hold an FID Card to possess chemical sprays. Individuals who are age 14 can now apply for an FID card: MIRCS will now allow an application for an FID Card restricted to chemical propellant only to be started for an individual who is 14 years old. The issue date of the license will be the individuals 15th birthday. Applicants for renewal must complete an additional affidavit regarding lost and stolen firearms.

There is a $100.00 non-refundable application fee; this includes applicants 70 years of age for the first issue of a permit. This fee is waived for persons age 70 when renewing a LTC/FID. The fee for FID applicants under the age of 18 is $25.00. Cash is no longer accepted. Personal checks or money orders made out to the Town of Wilbraham are the only forms of payment accepted for LTC/FID fees.

In order to expedite the process make sure the application is filled out completely and signed. Please attach any other required documents such as safety certificates. If you are a naturalized citizen you must provide proof of naturalization in the form of naturalization papers. Your photograph will be taken during the MIRCS process. A full set of digital fingerprints will be obtained from all first time applicants.

Question Number 4 on the application asks “Have you ever been arrested or appeared in court as a defendant for any criminal offense”? You must document any appearance in any court as a defendant for any criminal offense. The disposition of the case does not matter. If your case was dismissed, continued or you were found not guilty it must be disclosed. Failure to answer this question truthfully may result in the denial, suspension or revocation of your firearms license. Applications are signed under the penalties of perjury. Failure to answer questions truthfully is a criminal offense under the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 140 Sections 129 and 131. Licenses will be issued for the following reasons and restrictions will apply in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 Sections 129B and 131. Firearms Identification Cards - No restrictions. Licenses to Carry (LTC) are subject to restrictions relative to possession, use or carrying firearms as the Licensing Authority deems proper. 1. No Restriction – with the caveat that any improper use reported to our department may result in the permanent revocation of your License To Carry Firearms on the grounds of suitability. 2. Restricted – For target and hunting, sporting, collecting and re-enactment. If you are denied or disqualified for any reason you will be notified in writing of both the reason for denial and the appeal process. Chief Robert Zollo Licensing Authority

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