The Easy TRAIL at Thayer Brook

About The Trail

Length of Trail: 0.6 miles

Elevation Factors: 
The trek starts at the 300 foot level and is mostly flat. The highest elevation is 59 feet higher.
Interesting Features: 
 - beautiful forest canopy throughout
 - easy to navigate wide crushed gravel bed
 - four comfortable benches along the route
 - birdhouses high in the trees
 - good for all hiking skill levels
 - good for jogging, hiking with children, hiking with strollers, snowshoeing and walking
 - within easy walking distance to the Thayer Brook Trail with two miles more of hiking trails (see the Thayer Brook Trailwalk link on the Wilbraham Open Space home page for details)

This trail is located at Wilbraham Community Gardens, 700 Monson Road in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Directions to the trail:From Main Street in Wilbraham, take Monson Road heading towards Monson, Massachusetts. Proceed over the mountain past Ridge Road on the left and down into the valley. Pass Hollow Road on the right and Glendale Road on the left. The entrance to the Community Gardens is just past Glendale on the left. There is a small sign at the entrance to the driveway that says "Community Garden." Make the turn and take your first right. Drive to the back of the Community Garden (where you see the woodline). There you will see the Thayer Brook Easy Trail sign and parking lot. Just up the road on the same side is the main Thayer Brook Trail parking lot from which you can also access the Easy Trail. The entrance there is in the north-west corner of the lot.

Hiking Directions:

  • From either the Easy Trail parking lot entrance or the Thayer Brook Trail parking lot entrance, just follow the crushed gravel trail, and it will take you to the loop. There is an entrance sign at the beginning of the loop.
  • Hiking around the loop is easy as there are no side trails. Stay on the crushed stones and you’re good.
  • After completing the loop, just return back down the corridor that you originally entered from to the parking lot that you are in.

There is a port-a-potty available at the community garden.
Activities Permitted: All passive recreational activities including hiking, cross-country skiing snowshoeing, educational studies, and nature observation are permitted. Please be careful not to leave litter and not to deface the property. Please park in designated areas and be respectful of community gardeners and neighborhoods in the area.

View the map (PDF).


042° 06.953 N   072° 23.543 W : Thayer Brook Parking Lot Entrance
042° 06.917 N   072° 23.572 W : Community Garden Entrance and Parking Lot