Sawmill Trailwalk

About the Area


    • Parking for a few cars is available in the lot at the entrance to the trail. 

    • There are no bathroom facilities.


    • mostly soft, easy on the feet, grassy surface, loop trail

    • cross – connecting trails to explore inside the main loop

    • beautiful, shady, tree canopies throughout

    • great views of the pond and birdlife from several spots

    • a meandering stream of the Mill River flowing next to the trail at one point

    • peaceful, non-taxing, mostly flat, relaxing hiking throughout

Activities Permitted: 

    • All passive recreational activities including hiking, cross-country skiing snowshoeing,
       educational studies, fishing, and nature observation are permitted. 

    • Please be careful not to leave litter and not to deface the property. 

    • Please park in the designated area and be respectful of the neighbors in the area.

Length of Trail: full loop: .7 of a mile

Hiking Directions:

    • Start at the entrance kiosk in the parking lot.

    • From this spot, head straight out.

    • When you get to the fork, heading to the right or left will put you on the loop trail. The pond is to the right.
       The stream is in the back of the loop.

    • From the loop entrance, you can follow the perimeter or wander through the several cross trails. 

    • Since all of the trails are short, you can’t really get too far from the entrance. Once you get back to the fork,
        the parking lot is straight ahead.


    • The Sawmill Trail is at 215 Soule Road. 

    • To get there from Crane Park on Main Street in Wilbraham, travel south towards Hampden. 

    • Just before the Hampden line, take a right onto Soule Road. Continue down Soule Road past Woodland Road
       on the right and past Meadow View Road and Ward Drive on the left. 

    • You will soon see the Mill River cross under Soule Road and glimpse Sawmill Pond on the right. 

    • Just past the pond is the parking lot entrance also on the right.

    • If you come to Loring Road and Soule Road School, you’ve gone too far. 

Elevation Factors: 

    • The trek starts at the 211 foot level and is mostly flat with a gradual, barely noticeable rise in the middle and then
       a barely noticeable descent back to the beginning. 

Map: View the map (PDF) here.

Waypoints (See map for these locations):

Sawmill Trail Kiosk and Parking Lot - N42 05.726 W72 26.928

Sawmill Pond - N42 05.795 W72 26.782

Mill River Stream - N42 05.883 W72 26.661