Sunrise Peak Trailwalk from Hollow Road

About the Area: 

  • From Hollow Road, the Sunrise Peak Trailwalk provides hikers with access to the Sunrise Peak Conservation Area which is on the east (Monson/Hampden) side of the Rice Nature Preserve. 

  • Trekking to the summit from here gives hikers a beautiful eastern view without having to hike through the entire Rice Nature Preserve from the Highmoor Drive trailhead (see Rice Nature Preserve hyperlink on the Open Space home webpage).

  • Once at the summit, if hikers wish they can proceed west from Sunrise Peak into the Rice Nature Preserve trails, come back down to Hollow Road via the Sunrise Peak Pink Switchback Trail, or come back down the way they came up via the Sunrise Peak Yellow Trail (see Sunrise Peak Trailwalk map).


  • The Hollow Road walk from the parking lot to the Sunrise Peak ascent point is mostly flat and soft. It features a peaceful ramble through a beautiful woodland area.

  • The Sunrise Peak Yellow Trail is a rigorous, mostly straight, uphill climb which has roots and rocks in places. Be careful about tripping. If you come down this way, be wary of the steep angles in places. A walking stick or walking poles are suggested. 

  • The Sunrise Peak Pink Trail begins as a right turn about .1 of a mile into the Sunrise Peak Yellow Trail. From there, it leads to the summit. The pink trail has switchbacks throughout, but some areas are still a bit steep especially around the summit of Sunrise Peak. 

  • Glacial erratics and beautiful woodland views are visible throughout both the yellow and pink trails.

  • The view at the top is spectacular, especially on a clear day when the leaves are not on the trees.

Activities Permitted: 

  • All passive recreational activities including hiking, cross-country skiing snowshoeing, educational studies, and nature observation are permitted. 

  • Please be careful not to leave litter and not to deface the property. Bring out what you bring in.

  • Please be respectful of the neighbors by parking only in the Hollow Road parking lot and not on their property. If all of the spots are taken, please check out the nearby Thayer Brook Trail or Mount Marcy Trail (hyperlinks on the Open Space Home Page) and come back later. The two trails are within a mile or two of Hollow Road.

Length of Trail: 

  • From the Hollow Road Parking Lot to the beginning of the upward ascent of the Sunrise Peak Yellow Trail is a .5 of a mile walk.

  • The Sunrise Peak Yellow Trail is .4 of a mile.

  • The Sunrise Peak Pink Switchback Trail is .5 from the summit back down to the Sunrise Yellow Trail intersection and another .1 of a mile from there down the Sunrise Yellow Trail to Hollow Road. 

Elevation Features:

  • The Hollow Road walk from the parking lot starts at the 540 foot level.

  • At the ascension point just before the Monson / Wilbraham Hollow Road gate, the elevation level is 578 feet

  • The juncture of the Pink Switchback Trail and Yellow Sunrise Peak Trail is 790 feet.

  • At the summit of Sunrise Peak, the elevation is 902 feet.

Driving Directions and Facilities:

  • From the center of Wilbraham travel south towards Hampden. Take a left at Monson Road. Drive up and over the mountain. Just past the peak, look for Hollow Road on the right. Drive down Hollow Road until you see the gate. The parking lot is to the left of the gate.

  • There are no facilities on the trail.

Sunrise Peak Trailwalk Map: 

Sunrise Trailwalk Map

Waypoints (See map for these locations):

The Hollow Road Parking Lot - N42 06.439 W72 24.258

The base of the Yellow Sunrise Peak ascent - N42 06.047 W72 24.334

The Sunrise Peak summit - N42 06.084 W72 24.572

Junction of the Pink Switchback Trail and Yellow Sunrise Peak Trail – N42 06.037 w72 24.504


Sunrise Trailwalk pic top