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The original item was published from 9/1/2022 9:59:00 AM to 10/4/2022 12:00:00 AM.

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Posted on: August 31, 2022

[ARCHIVED] Disposal & Recycling Notice


Located at 2720 Boston Rd, Wilbraham
Hours: Wed and Fri 7:00-3:00, Saturday 7:00-5:00, Sunday 12:00-5:00
(413) 596-2800 EXT. 225

**DRC stickers are now available**

Current stickers expire October 1, 2022. To purchase a sticker good through October 1, 2023, complete the remittance stub below and return it with payment to the Town Offices by mail, in-person, drop-box, or Pay Online (Stickers are only sold at the Collector’s Office):

**NEW** Purchase your sticker online at
Select "Online Payments" > "Town Bills" > "DRC"

****Stickers must be affixed to the Lower Driver’s Side Front Windshield****

•Trash Bags sold at Big Y Wilbraham, Main Street Mart, 
 or the Collector’s Office at Town Hall (33 gallon bags, $2.75 each)
 • Compost Bins available @ Collectors’ Office - $25 each

Also available at the ‘DRC’ (DRC Vehicle Sticker Required for all services): 
• Recycling (No charge) RECYCLING IS MANDATORY IN WILBRAHAM, • Disposal of TV or Freon Units ($25 Sticker req.), • **NEW** Bulky Disposal (Prices vary – $10 Stickers - See pricing chart online to determine how many stickers are required). 
Stickers are only sold at the Collector’s Office

*See Reverse Side for Additional Information*

Make Checks Payable to the Town of Wilbraham

Disposal and Recycling Updates:

• New to the WASTE BAN list:
Textiles (clothing, footwear, bedding, towels, curtains, fabric, and similar products) are banned from disposal or transport for disposal. Even damaged items should be placed in donations bins. Textiles that cannot be reused will find new life as rags that are used in a number of industries such as the automotive industry.

Mattresses (including box springs) are banned from disposal or transport for disposal. Mattresses and box springs must be processed by a qualified recycling facility where they will be broken down and the materials can be reused.

Disposal and Recycling Center Information:

• Grass clippings, leaves, and wood chips from residences are accepted.
• Tree limbs & brush no greater than 6” diameter and no longer than 6’ in length. No stumps.
• Fluorescent bulbs MUST be given to attendant.
• Construction and Demolition debris NOT ACCEPTED.
• Latex paint is accepted as trash if dried out and inspected by attendant.
• 20 lb. propane tanks are accepted.
• Electronic waste.
• Styrofoam (bulky only, NO packing peanuts)
• Books
• Scrap metal including washers and dryers. $25 fee for each appliance containing Freon.

In the Community:

Water Conservation: Saving water keeps supplies level and has helped residents control their water, sewer, and energy costs.

  • Irrigate as efficiently as possible with appropriate timing and duration. Visit the MWRA website for tips and guidance:
  • Turning the tap off while brushing teeth or shaving can save 1-2 gallons per minute.
  • Never using the toilet as a wastebasket can save 1-7 gallons per flush.
  • Don’t take marathon showers. Five minutes will get you clean and save 2-4 gallons per minute.
  • Utilize rain barrels to collect and store rainwater that can be used for gardening needs.
  • Find and fix leaks!
  • For more information and tips on how to conserve, please visit the MWRA website:

Pollution Reduction: Protecting water resources is critically important and some easy steps can be taken to make a big difference.

  • Picking up litter and putting it in a receptacle will prevent it from ever getting to a river, stream, or wetland.
  • Cutting down on lawn and garden chemicals. Fertilizers and pesticides inevitably run off shrubs and lawns and into the water. Be sure to blow or sweep fertilizer back onto the grass if it gets onto paved areas so none washes into the storm drains.
  • Wash cars in areas where the water will flow to a gravel or grassy area.
  • Performing regular maintenance on vehicles and equipment will help to catch leaks early to prevent the fluids from washing into storm drains.
  • NEVER hose spills or pour anything into storm drains.

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