Wilbraham Vision Task Force

  • Charles Phillips, Chairman
  • Carol Albano
  • Dr. Stephen Brand
  • Sue Burk
  • Edna Colcord
  • Karen Wilson Furst
  • Chris Novelli
  • Tracy Plantier
  • Nancy Ross

Steering Committee

  • Richard Butler
  • Joseph Calabrese
  • Frederic Fuller
  • John Pearsall

VTF Report (PDF) Opens in new windowMission Statement

To lead a community-driven process to make Wilbraham a better place to live and work by gathering broad-based public input and generating a consensus-based guiding vision to address Wilbraham’s current and evolving challenges and opportunities.

View the full report (PDF)

Questions About the Vision Task Force's Report

If an error or omission has occurred in the report or associated documents, it is an oversight and will be corrected. The Vision Task Force has organized source information that was used for the "Wilbraham Looks Forward" report. If there are any questions regarding the report or any of the appendix documents, please email John Pearsall in the Wilbraham Planning Office or call 413-596-2800, ext. 203.

Additional Documents

Imagine Wilbraham Day

Children's Mural Photo (PDF)
Education Ideas (PDF)
Comments Collected from Recycling Center (PDF)
Results in Text (PDF)
Results in Photos (PDF)

Survey Results

Business Survey (PDF)
Community Insights Survey (PDF)

Demographic Data, Town Comparison and Other Reports

1963 Master Plan (PDF)
Alphabetized Survey Data By Question (PDF)
Town Comparison Benchmark (PDF)
Town Comparison Data (PDF)
Town Demographic Data (PDF)
Wilbraham Farmland Preservation Plan (PDF)
Wilbraham Village Report 2000 (PDF)

 ~ Final Thoughts From the VTF (PDF) ~