Street List and Census

Residents are required to provide certain basic information about household occupants each year.

Each January, the Wilbraham Town Clerk’s office mails a local town census (also known as an annual street listing) with the current information for that household to each residential address. Download a blank census form (PDF)Residents are required to verify, and update where necessary, the information on the census. They then sign and return the form to the Town Clerk’s office.

There are several reasons why an accurate count of all residents is important for our town. For example, the current population count is the basis for allocation of state and federal funds. Compliance with this state requirement also provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veteran's bonuses, housing for the elderly, school enrollment and related benefits. The information collected assists town departments, the school district, the senior center and emergency providers to anticipate service requirements. It is also used for the random selection of jurors and for maintaining voter records. 

Please note, information on children less than 17 years of age is not published in the Town’s yearly public street listing. The school district requires children to be on the town census as part of meeting enrollment requirements.