Part-Time Employee Benefits

Health Insurance

Employees who work less than 20 hours per week are not eligible to participate in the Town of Wilbraham group health insurance programs. The Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law as well as the Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) require health insurance coverage of all individuals. In Massachusetts, the HealthConnector is the public insurance exchange where individuals and families can find and enroll in a plan from many different providers and offering many different levels of coverage. If you need help paying for coverage, you can apply for government subsidized plans such as MassHealth, the Children's Medical Security Plan (CMSP), Health Safety Net or ConnectorCare.

Retirement Plan

OBRA (Governmental 457(b) Plan)

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA) requires all employees to be covered under either the Town's contributory retirement plan or social security or an alternative retirement plan as defined in the regulations. 

Part-time, seasonal and temporary employment statuses do not meet the minimum requirements for membership in the Contributory Retirement System. Therefore, the Town is required to withhold from gross wages, and employees are required to make contributions to either social security or the alternative program, the Town of Wilbraham Governmental 457(b) Plan.

As provided by OBRA and Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 457, the following requirements are conditions of your employment with the Town of Wilbraham as a part-time, seasonal or temporary employee:

1. A minimum pre-tax deduction equal to 7.5% of your gross wages to be contributed to the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. All amounts contributed will be deposited in the Prudential Guaranteed Interest Account investment option under the plan. These deposits will be credited with an interest rate which is declared on a quarterly basis. You will receive semi-annual statements of account (June 30th and December 31st) from the Plan Administrator, Great West Benefits Corporation. If you have any questions, please contact Great West at (800) 596-3384.

2. Contributions and any applicable earnings may be withdrawn upon separation of service. Distributions from the Deferred Compensation Plan will be taxed as ordinary income in the year received. Contact the Plan Administrator, Great West Benefits Corporation at (800) 596-3384 to request a Payout Request Form if you have terminated your employment with the Town of Wilbraham and wish to withdraw your funds.

3. If your employment status changes to full-time and you become a member of the contributory retirement plan, your deferred compensation plan account may not be withdrawn until you separate from service to the Town (i.e. resignation, retirement, disability or death) relative to your full-time position. You may, however, continue to contribute to the plan on a voluntary basis. You are required to notify the plan administrator if your employment status changes to full-time.

To view or complete an enrollment form please select the OBRA Enrollment Form (PDF)