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January 2023


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Over the past month the work onsite has been progressing quite smoothly. Just this past week, all of the concrete work for the foundation has been completed. The elevator pit has been formed and poured. The column bases are poured and ready for the porch and entry ways . The majority of the underground plumbing is in place and the site contractor is backfilling and compacting around it.
The water main that connects the building to the street has been installed from the new building up to the south side of the Town Hall parking lot. The connection to the main in the street and the remainder of the pipe will be installed later this spring.
The storm drainage structures are being installed on-site along with the accompanying pipe.
Materials have starting stockpiling on the site including wire mesh for the concrete floor and sidewalks, insulation and different types of pipe. Shipments are arriving regularly of materials and equipment for the project.