Renting Public Housing

  • The rent a public housing tenant pays is based on household income and whether the costs of utilities (electricity, heat, cooking fuel) are included
  • Tenants residing in elderly / handicapped public housing in Wilbraham pay 30% of net income, and the tenant does not pay for utilities
  • Tenants residing in family public housing in Wilbraham pay 27% of net income, and the tenant is responsible for paying for electricity and heat

Applying for Public Housing

You must put your name on a waiting list that is kept by the local housing authority. Applicants may put their name on more than one waiting list if they qualify for more than one program. Waiting lists for public housing tend to be long. When your name comes to the top of the list, the Housing Authority will contact you. It is the Applicant's responsibility to notify the Housing Authority if there is a change of address while you are waiting for a public housing unit. Applications for housing may be obtained by calling the Housing Authority, or in person at 88 Stony Hill Road during office hours.