By-Law Study Committee


  • Stephen Holstrom – Chairman
  • Christine Goonan
  • Joe Lawless
  • Dave Sanders
  • Ed Lennon
  • Carole Tardiff, Ex-Officio

The By-Law Study Committee, as defined in the Town of Wilbraham By-Laws, Section 515b, shall assist the Town Clerk in updating the By-Laws ensuring their proper order and publication, by utilizing the following process:

  • Analyze by-laws for completeness by reviewing the Town of Wilbraham’s By-Laws, relative federal and state laws and comparing Annual Town Reports; and
  • Review the Town’s By-Laws for correct grammatical format, including typos and ease of understanding; and
  • Formulate and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen regarding proposed new By-Laws, correcting, updating or deleting existing By-Laws as deemed appropriate.