Open Burning

Open Burning Information

Under the provisions of Chapter 48 and CMR 7:07, you must obtain a permit for open burning, subject to certain conditions and restrictions.

  • Please see the flyer for Open Burning Safety Information (PDF)
  • Burning Permits are Availablle ONLINE from Jan 15th-May 1st.
  • Permits are only issued between 8:30am and 1pm.  
  • Requirements for Open-Air Burning Permits
  • Burning period is from January 15 to May 1
  • Fires must be completely out by 4:00 pm
  • Burning must be at least 75 feet from a dwelling
  • Burning must take place on the land closest to the source of the material to be burned
  • Must have available a water supply, shovels and rakes for controlling the fire
  • Fire must be extinguished immediately if requested by Fire Department
  • The person authorized to conduct open burning under this permit shall be the landowner or the owner’s authorized agent and shall remain present to control the fire until it is completely extinguished
  • The person setting the fire shall have sufficient help present to control the fire
  • In case of heavy winds or otherwise dangerous conditions, this permit is invalid, as provided by law

Materials Allowed

Burning (with a permit) of the following materials is allowed:

  • Tree branches
  • Domestic tree trimming
  • Cane
  • Brush
  • Pruning
  • Domestic garden preparation
  • Driftwood

Banned Materials

Burning of the following materials is not allowed statewide:

  • Grass
  • Whole trees
  • Hay
  • Leaves
  • Stumps
  • Tires