Information Technology

About Us

The IT Department is responsible for maintaining and modernizing the technology aspects of Wilbraham’s governmental operations. We provide support to all municipal departments for many of the following technologies:

  • Networking (wired and wireless)
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Software
  • Web, e-mail and internet
  • Printing
  • Communications (radio and phone)

Through our work, we aim to provide “operational continuity” so that Wilbraham’s residents experience consistent and reliable government services.

Contact Information

The IT Department has multiple methods of contact, depending on the type of request:

  • Email IT support:
    • Used for internal staff technical requests and general technical correspondence with outside vendors and members of the public.
  • Email Website support
    • Used for requesting changes to web pages on the Town website.
  • Email Meeting/Agenda Postings
    • Used by Town boards and committees to submit meeting agendas and minutes. The Clerk's Office staff are also members of this list.
  • Email Public Access support
    • Used for all requests regarding the Town's public access station.